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One direction bookmarks to print

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Some sites just install spyware on computers when links are opened; others set up scam phone lines; and some are reportedly actually selling fake tickets to shows

Kara Dunne: More Prints

Prints: Title page, photogravure ‘ With Steam’, silk screen ‘Mental Hydration’, drawing ‘Mental Hydration Cycle’, photogravure ‘Torro’, and photogravure ‘determining speed’ What to Avoid: A fold out page soon to be an etching print, describing visually what you need to avoid when running after something with passion. It smelled like bread at first 40″ x 28″ Pastel on paper 2011 Pseudologie: Inspired by an etching made during the time of early photography, I have finished the sentence for now and updated the glory of today’s process of creating and making

One Direction members get personal assistants – The Times of India

“The guys have incredibly manic professional and personal lives, and they started getting stressed out about their ever-increasing workload,” mirror.co.uk quoted a source as saying. “The idea is for the PAs to run their diaries on a day-to-day basis, and make sure they turn up to dentist appointments and photoshoots,” a source said

Lenticular printing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

With motorized lenticular, a motor moves the graphics behind the lens, enabling the graphic effects while both the viewer and the display remain stationary. Instead, the plastic (Polycarbonate, flexible PVC and later PETG) was dyed with translucent colors and the film was usually thin and flexible (from 0.002″ in thickness)

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